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Fractional CTO

A Fractional CTO is an executive-level partner that becomes an integral part of your executive team.

  • Expertise without Full-Time Cost - Access senior technical leadership and expertise without the overhead of a full-time executive salary.
  • Flexibility and Scalability - Ensure your technology priorities align with strategic goals and scale efficiently.
  • Risk Mitigation - Streamline processes, improve security, and reduce costly technology mistakes.
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Fixed-time and fixed-price engagements with a specific objective. Limit the scope to guarantee results.

  • 2 Day Cross-discipline Intensive Developers, designers, copywriters and devops together in one room with your visionaries to prove your concept will work.
  • 2 Week Development Sprint A cross-functional team focused on a singular high-priority deliverable. Accomplish as much as possible in a focused effort.
  • 3 Month Prototyping 90 Days of focused effort can produce incredible results and an offering that is ready to be market tested.

Research & Development

Innovative technologies can create strategic value for your business. Find the technologies to transform your business and forge new directions in your industry. Utilize R&D initiatives to explore new opportunities, prototype wild ideas, and validate that concepts can be turned into reality.


Vendor Risk Management

ACQUIRED  by Smarsh/Entreda

Talysto engaged with the Privva founding team to transform their concept into a full-service SaaS offering. Talysto developed the first iterations of the product and later conducted research & development to create an innovative AI-based recommendation system integrated into the platform.


TOTEM Membership Management
Payments Platform

Modernize a network of nonprofit associations with SAAS platform including online payments, digital membership cards and powerful CRM tools. Talysto created innovative new approaches to payment disbursement to accelerate revenue recognition and improve key financial KPIs.


Planet Atmos
Entertainment Platform

FUNDED  raised first round

Atmos Labs partnered with Talysto to prototype interfaces and build core services for their innovative entertainment platform. Research prototypes included mobile AR interfaces and 3D racing simulators. Core platform services included blockchain integration and marketplace features.


Healthcare Workforce Management

ACQUIRED  by AMN Healthcare

To validate a concept quickly, Talysto developed the mobile-web MVP for Silversheet, a healthcare workforce management platform. We iterated quickly to incorporate user and executive feedback - eventually focusing on healthcare credential management - a direction that led to venture funding and eventual acquisition.


TOTEM Membership Management screenshot
Privva Vendor Management screenshot
Planet Atmos Portal screenshot
Silversheet dashboard screenshot